Friday, June 3, 2011

My prize #57 is the photo from the Epic giveaway / CLOSED 9/6/2011 - See winner`s names in comment!

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  1. Prize and winner:
    Antique Silver Loop Earrings: Easton Place Designs
    Lollipookie handbag: Olivia
    Glitter ring: Eclairre
    Earrings: Beth
    Cookie earrings: Mitchie
    Red Velvet Cake bracelet: Miss Elizabeth Rose
    Rosebud earrings: Nadox
    8x8 OR 8x10 print of your choice: Lyudmila -it`s me!
    Camera necklace: Miss Rachael B.
    Black pencil stud earrings: The Kautts


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