Saturday, May 1, 2010

My prize #5: Bunny

#1 - Spoon (Lyudmila) It`s me!
Spoon was invented in 1760. This is approx official date of that spoon invention, which we can find now in every kitchen! Metal, simple, standard shape!
So I think, that Ludmila was correct with her answer ( and also Grace Wong was right)... but as Grace is the winner of bunny #2, I think this is fair to make another person to win, too! :) So everyone feels happy, I hope! :)
#2 - Yuna (Grace Wong)
My favourite FF character of course is Yuna, this was so simple to guess for those, who played and recognized my earring! :)
#3 - Architect - Antonio Gaudi (Dana S)
He is my favourite architect, because of his colourful mosaic tiles, floral ornaments and very utopian forms of his creations. He worked a lot with Flora and Fauna, as well as I do. He lived in Spain - my dream country! :) So that's why I love him so much!
So Congrats to all the winners and here are the names of other cool and clever participants, who was very great, too!

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